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Learn how to choose the best trip for children and elderly people! | Luxury Worldwide - Private Villas, Apartments, Jets and Yachts

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Learn how to choose the best trip for children and elderly people!

Published on Wednesday April 4th, 2018 by Luxury Worldwide

It’s hard to find a person who does not like to travel, this is a program that usually pleases people of all ages, as they get the opportunity to get out of the monotony of the daily life, make friends and explore new places.

And if going alone itself requires making a plan to spend a few days away from the home, care must be increased manyfold when there are children or senior citizens among the passengers.

Because of the different needs they have, the two extremes of life deserve special attention so that they can enjoy the trip to the fullest. Do you want to know how to choose the best traveling plan for children and the elderly people? If yes then keep reading!


What to consider before the trip?

What aspects do you need to prioritize? Discover this and other information in this guiding article that we have prepared!


Fun for all ages

The first tip to organize a family trip is to include programs that appeal to all ages. Visiting destinations with children’s appeal is not a rule, but it is important that the children have their moment. On the other hand, they must understand that they will not always be the center of attention, teach them to understand this when you have a chit-chat with them.


Accessibility and adaptations

In the case of the elderly people or anyone with reduced mobility, it is essential to ensure that the places visited are accessible. The same care should be extended to the lodging: for those who prefer to stay in a house, we, from Luxury worldwide, have in our catalog, real estate with cots or high chairs for babies; wide doors (that allow the passage of wheelchairs) or support in the bathrooms, for example.


Infrastructure (services and restaurants)

For those people who are more worried and fearful that some unforeseen event might happen with the small or old, it is advisable to know the infrastructure of the region, with special emphasis for hospitals and restaurants. This concern is important because children, for instance, may not adapt well to the typical dishes of the country, for being very exotic or spicy. So, it is wise to have an establishment that serves Brazilian food close by.


Which places to visit?

Now that you already know what factors you need to pay attention to when planning a trip for children and seniors, how about knowing some destinations that are most suitable for these two audiences?


Orlando (United States)

It cannot be denied that not only do children but adults will also enjoy themselves here. The city has the Walt Disney Parks complex and many other attractions.  

In addition to encountering the characters that people fantasize, visitors can visit Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom. At Universal Studios, you can visit a replica of Diagon Alley, one of the adventures of the wizard Harry Potter.   


Caldas Novas (Goiás)

At the other extreme, for those approaching the best age, our suggestion is the city of Caldas Novas, in Goiás. Its warm waters, whose temperatures reach 51º C, are highly sought after by tourists from all over the country, due to its therapeutic properties.

Nature lovers can also venture into the Serra State Park, which presents the tourist with the sight of breathtaking waterfalls.

Before we are done with this article, we remind you that, for whatever country or city you choose, you can enjoy the facilities of renting a seasonal home online, with all the specifications you are looking for. But remember that we, from Luxury worldwide, go beyond the basics and also offer the guests much comfort.

Are you excited about planning your next trip for children and seniors? Share this post on your social networks to help other families decide their destination!


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